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fly killer machine


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1.Unique translucent cover attracts maximum flying insects.
2.Attracts and traps flying insects permanently on Replaceable Glue Boards.
3.We use UV tubes which are attractive to insects but safe for humans.
4.It is made of ABS Plastic- Lightweight and Sturdy.No rusting associated with conventional metal models.



Restaurants, hotels, kitchens, food industries, pharmaceuticals, canteens, dairies, clubs, breweries, farmhouses, hospitals, factories, etc.



Installing Ultra kill in your premises show your clients that you do not compromise in keeping your premises clean and also that you are hygiene conscious. Flies are carriers of germs causing various dreadful diseases. They sit on garbage, dung and other filthy places, pick up germs, which stick to their bodies and transmit the same to your food. Ultra kill eliminates flies, dragonflies, bees moths, bumble bees and other flying insects.



Since there are no moving parts, Ultra kill requires hardly any maintenance. It carries a guarantee of 12 months against manufacturing defects excepting for the tube. The life of the tube is approximately 3000 lighting hours. Gradually the effectiveness of the tube to attract insects is reduced. They should therefore be replaced every year. We also supply tubes.

Call us today to get attractive price offer. .
call now –   022  2173 217   

                  +91 98201 73666

                  +91 98198 44413

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