Huge investments are made to purchase a new home and an equally huge sum is spent on furnishing the same. It is advisable to get the pest control treatment done before the civil works in order to protect your expensive d├ęcor.

Termite Control Treatment should be done before the new flooring is laid so that the drill marks are not seen on the new and expensive flooring. This treatment is effective for a period of 1 year. Care should be taken while fixing furniture and at least one side of the wall should be devoid of fixed furniture, otherwise drilling in the later years will not be possible.

We also recommend the spraying of the entire plywood with our special chemicals to prevent it from wood borers (Powder falling from furniture). Getting preventive pest control done is quite economical and therefore there is no need to buy expensive raw plywood which is borer free or termite free.

Also, to keep your home as beautiful as ever we recommend our SMART GEL treatment which is done periodically to keep your homes free from cockroaches, red ants and spiders.

The services we Offer:


We generally forget to do pest control which help protect the interior we have designed and created. In this treatment drilling of holes at the junctions of floor and wall is carried out which is then filled with pesticides and then sealed with cement to form a barrier to keep the termites out.


While the furniture is being assembled, a chemical is sprayed on the raw plywood which prevents the plywood from getting attacked by woodborers.

Where Wood Borers have already attacked, they are controlled by injecting a specially formulated chemical in the holes with a syringe. The entire wood is also sprayed with insecticide. We take yearly maintenance contracts for the same.

Termites cause damage to all kind of woodwork, furniture, furnishings, clothing, stationary, rubber, plastic and even the lead coating of underground cables.

Chemical Measures:

Soil termiticide injection used for subterranean termites is the most common and effective treatment we use. Drilling of the foundation wall /slabs is done to stop & prevent the movement of termites from the ground. Holes are drilled along the junction of the floor and the wall at approx. 18 inches interval. The insecticide is then poured into these holes to soak the masonry. The woodwork in contact with the masonry in premises is particularly susceptible to termite infestation such as doors, window frames, wall panels, wardrobes, shelves, wooden cupboard, etc. Holes of diameter 12mm (1/2 inch approx.) are drilled towards the core of woodwork at a distance of 50mm (20 inch). Insecticide is then poured into these holes and they are covered with cement.