5 Common Mistakes Society Committees Makes While Choosing a Pest Control Company and How to Avoid Them

Mistake #1: Choosing the Cheapest Bidder:

Many companies do not use standard, safe PEST CONTROL chemicals. This puts your society member’s health and life at risk. In 2012 in Mumbai two cousins lost their lives after their house was treated by a Pest Control company with dangerous chemicals. The story did the rounds in newspaper for many days. It’s unfortunate that people opt for the cheap Pest Control Services  without thinking how dearly it can cost them.

Mistake #2: Not Checking whether the Company has the required man power:

Many One-man Show Companies make a cheap bid and then hire staff after have received the contract amount. This means the people servicing your society are not trained professionals. They will learn by the mistakes they make on your property.

Mistake #3 :Not Checking whether the Pest Control Company has the proper Infrastructure:

 Most Society Committees do not check to see whether the Pest Control Company has the required permits and equipment for carrying out a proper treatment. There is very specialized equipment required for fumigation. The Pest Control Company should also have a permit from the Agriculture Department to stock its chemicals. This permit ensures there are check and balances on the chemicals used.

Mistake #4: Not checking whether the company has studied your society and your specific problems before bidding

Some companies will just submit a standard bid depending on the area to be covered and the number of flats in your society or based on some other such standard criteria. This means you will get some treatment that is the same for all societies and doesn’t take into account your unique and specific problems. Each society is different and some areas in your society may need more attention than others. If the Pest Control Company studies your society properly before they submit their bid, they will have taken into account any special requirements and factored it into costs, so the treatment is likely to be more effective.

Mistake #5 : Not getting References from other Societies/Clients of the Pest Control Company 

 Most committees do not find out what other clients of the Pest control Companies are saying about them. Checking testimonials and reference helps to ensure that you will get professional standard that all Companies promise at the start but few are able to deliver. You should ask for references and numbers of similar size societies or bigger societies in your area and call to check the service company provides before you place your order.

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