5 Mistakes Company Make While Choosing Pest Control Services and How to avoid them

pest control 1 : Thinking Pest Control is not important in an Office :

Did you know Pests could be affecting your Employee’s Productivity?

Cockroaches are known to trigger severe allergies in many people. They also carry several diseases that they transmit to humans (dysentery, typhoid poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis).They are also an established trigger of asthma attacks. Human can contract diseases like Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Plumonary Syndrome(HPS), Murine Typhus, Rat-Bite fever(RBF), Salmonella enteric Serovar Typhimurium, Eosinophillic Meningitis, Rickettsialpox by coming into contact with rats or their droppings. 

Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya are caused by mosquito bites and of these, the dengue mosquitoes bite in the day time. Dengue mosquitoes like clean places to breed, so even if your office is clean, you could have them in your office. Imagine the number of productive man-hours lost when your employees are sick and take leave. Calculate the cost of work you lose when they are absent and you’ll realize pests are costing you too much money!

2 : Going in for the cheapest Service Provider :

We understand that you are answerable and accountable for the way your office funds are spent. There is great pressure to choose the person who bids the lowest amount. But many small pest control companies do not use “safe” chemicals. In 2012, in Mumbai city, two cousins lost their lives after their house was treated by a so called Pest Control company with unauthorized, dangerous chemicals. The story did rounds in newspaper for many days. The last thing you want is for employee to fall sick or even something untoward to happen to them while they are at work just because some Pest Control Company use the wrong chemicals.

3 : Not checking whether the Company has the required man power :

Many One-Man-show companies make a cheap bid and then hire staff after they have received the contract amount. This means the people servicing your office will be inexperienced and untrained. They will learn by the mistakes they make on your property. They will not present the kind of Professional picture that will justify your giving the contract to them.

4 : Not asking if they have the required licenses :

All Pest control companies need a license from the agricultural department to store their chemicals. This helps to maintain a check that they are using chemicals that are safe around humans and not using any harmful agricultural pesticides in home and offices as those are only supposed to be used in farms and fields.

5: Not getting the office checked regularly for termite infestations :

In offices, pest problems tend to be detected rather late and action is taken even later still. By this time, termites(Khatmal) can cause considerable damage. It is a researched fact that termites eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read the section interesting facts to find out more about how much harm pests can cause. You don’t want your important documents and legal papers being eating by termites(Khatmal). Worse still, they can cause so much damage that you may have to replace all your furniture

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