18 Things about Cockroaches You Never Knew About !

facts about cockroaches

Facts about Cockroaches – Most of us have faced this situation in our lives at some point time or another – Cockroaches in the house!! Some of us have even faced the mortification of the pests coming out and being obviously visible in front of guests and visitors leaving you frustrated and embarrassed. And the most scary fact which most of us don’t know is that cockroaches transmit more than 33 diseases, most common known is Asthma in children.

The problem is, an average homemaker is not armed with enough knowledge to deal with the problem effectively. This article will change that.
Here are some interesting & creepy, facts about cockroaches.

  1. Cockroaches can live without their heads for a week. They die of thirst because their mouths have been cut off and they cannot drink!
  2. The cockroach’s brain is in its entire body.
  3. Cockroaches can survive without food for one month.
  4. Cockroaches have white colored blood.
  5. A typical cockroach has six legs with at least 18 knees.
  6. A female cockroach mates once in a lifetime and remains pregnant for the rest of her life.
  7. Cockroaches spend 75 % of their time resting.
  8. Cockroaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes. The best a human can do is 9 minutes.
  9. Cockroaches breathe through their sides.
  10. Cockroaches can run at a speed of up to 3 miles an hour, the walking speed of an average human.
  11. Cockroaches have been found to be one of the chief asthma triggering allergens found in homes
  12. Cockroaches originated about 280 million years ago.
  13. The largest ever cockroach was discovered in South America. It is 6 inches long and has a one foot wing span
  14. Cockroaches mainly forage for food at night.
  15. Cockroaches have been found to be the triggers for over thirty diseases in humans.
  16. This last fact alone makes them a very dangerous pest especially if you have children. Cockroaches are known to bite human babies.
  17. In order to get rid of these pests, you can take many small precautions around the house that will not only remove a current infestation but also help to prevent future ones.
  18. Since cockroaches come out mainly at night, you need to be especially particular and not leave
    foodstuff open through the night. This includes leftovers, dinner remains in plates, pots and pans and even pet food. Preferably rinse out all emptied dinner plates and dishes and fill them with water if you intend to wash them the next day. This Are the Facts about cockroaches,10 interesting facts about cockroaches, about cockroaches, fun facts about cockroaches

Remember that cockroaches are attracted to greasy surfaces. Make sure your kitchen surfaces are clean, non-greasy and dry. Repair any leakages so you eliminate wetness. Cockroaches also eat the glue and the paper in books, magazines and paper / cardboard boxes. Eliminate these from your house to the extent possible. No we move on to the next stage, the actual elimination of existing roaches. There are a variety of pesticides available to kill cockroaches. Some of these are fairly long lasting and some are safe to use around pets and small children.

I have found that it is easiest to entrust a pest control company with he job of getting rid of a cockroach infestation. It ensures that you are not stuck with the hassle of sourcing and storing the pesticides at home. Plus the Pest control companies generally have fixed schedules and ensure that the treatment is done at regular intervals so you do not have a repeat infestation. Then you can sit back and relax.

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