pest control company1. Choosing the cheapest Pest Control Company :

By selecting a mom & pop Pest Control Company round the corner, who gives you pest control service at lower cost, you are risking your LIFE and your family’s health. In 2012, in Mumbai city, cousins lost their lies after their house was treated by a pest control company with unauthorized, dangerous chemicals. The story did the rounds in newspapers for many days. Its unfortunate that people opt for the cheapest pest control service provider without thinking how dearly it can cost them.

When you choose your Pest control Company, as what chemicals they use . If you get vague or evasive answers, do not opt for service provider. Pest Control companies should be able to tell you that they use Chemicals that are approved by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) for “domestic use”. This means that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION(WHO) has approved that these chemicals are safe to use around the house. They should have a license from Agriculture Department to stock their chemicals.

2.Not asking company Policy if problem occurs again in-between services :

Ask what company policy is, if pests show up between two scheduled treatments. Most responsible Companies will tell you that they will provide you free follow-up treatment if you face a problem between treatments. (Even the best treatments cannot prevent the pests from coming from your neighbouring flat or building to you house).

3.Not Choosing the right package :

Ask what pests are covered by the treatment package you are opting for. Just as you can’t cure a cold with medicines for loose motions, Specific pests require specific treatments. If you opt for a treatment that does not deal with the problem you are facing, your problem will continue irrespective of the number of treatments you conduct. For example if you get a general treatment package when you are having a rat problem, the chemicals will target cockroaches, silverfish and ants, and the methodology used is very different , so while you may ensure that your house is free of these pests, it may not stop the rats from enjoying your hospitality. Get a treatment that deals with your specific problem.

4.Not checking for convenient service timings :

If you are a working person and you cannot take the day off to get your house treated regularly, ask your pest control company if they provide service on weekends and after office hours on week days. This can save you many casual leaves.

5. Not considering how responsive the company is, Not Considering if they are functioning systematically:

Call the Pest Control Company and see how soon your call is answered. If someone doesn’t come on the phone soon, chances are, you’ll find it difficult to get them to service your house on time. Ask how the company will keep track of your next treatment or whether you will have to keep track and call them to schedule each treatment. Some companies have advanced software that tracks clients services because it ensures that they function systematically and are more likely to offer you better service.

6. Not asking for multiple year packages:

Ask if there are discounts on multiple year package. Many companies offer discounts to customer who sign contracts for more than a year at a time. This saves you the hassle of renewing your contract before the pests infest your home again and ensures that you get timely service and a discount!